Spacing up your Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is especially designed for a single tenant, making it comparatively smaller yet cheaper as compared to gigantic Murfreesboro Apartments. Renting a studio apartment does not necessarily mean that you cannot afford a larger serviced apartment. You don’t need a mansion when you are the only single person who seeks accommodation in it. Studio apartments are customized rentals that are designed to fulfill the needs of an individual occupant. However, there are several tips to space up your apartment, not because it is insufficient for a single person residing in it, but spaciousness is always welcomed whereas suffocation is an uninvited guest. Follow the below mentioned easy steps to make your Murfreesboro studio apartment look spacious:

  • Have you ever heard of a bed with built in drawers? Using such dual nature furniture can help you save your space without causing a storage problem. For instance, such beds with built in drawers are especially designed to save some extra dollars that might be otherwise spent on the side tables for essential storage purpose accompanied on the sides of your bed. Using wall mounted book shelves can also serve the purpose of keeping your apartment’s library corner up to date without requiring any space for the bulky book shelves.
  • A studio apartment might be short of space on the floor, but have you ever thought of utilizing the extra space on the walls? Using wall mounted baskets in the bathroom can help you keep your towels and toiletry accessories safe and at easy access without utilizing any extra inch on the floor. You can also drill hooks on the walls to hang your extra accessories or clothing that might not fit in the closet.
  • Physics proved that light plays an important role in changing an objects size. The color of paint and curtains of your Murfreesboro studio apartment can trick your eye, making it look spacious and bigger than its actual size. Lighten up the apartment by using translucent curtains and allowing maximum sunlight to illuminate your room and magnify its size.
  • A small studio apartment can be divided into an office room, followed by a living room for healthy discussions with peer groups and a TV lounge. Divide your apartment by an intelligent use of furniture. You can create your office room by placing an office desk with a stool and a bulletin board on the wall at the corner of your apartment. The living area can be constructed putting cushions in a circular arrangement making it a comfortable space to sit and converse. Lastly, a TV lounge without using bulky tables to place your TV can be easily formed using a fixed LCD screen on the wall facing your bed.

Lastly, the most intelligent move to make your Murfreesboro studio apartment look spacious than it actually is to keep it simple. Do not overload your small apartment with excess furniture and decorations to develop a sense of suffocation. Hence, it is wisely said that simplicity is beauty and certainly spaciousness is another form of beauty when talking about your studio apartment at Murfreesboro.